"A jolt in the cosmos" - I love it! :-)

Yesterday evening was the gathering, with people arriving from all across the world. It's so amazing to meet people from widely varied cultural background and yet all connecting through the heart space - one soul family.

Today begins the journey, the process. It's best described as a continual internal confrontation. We set varied experiences that bring up internal resistance, density and blockages. We get people to become as-one with these by feeling into them and expressing them. How can the heat hold you if you become the heat?

It's through this intense inner inquiry that you find the One, in, and through, all experience. Who are you really?

The problem is the life in society is so distracting - it focuses your attention 'out there' - then conditions you to want and need things. You end up believing you must have them and become defined by them. It disconnects from the true divinity within.

By constantly bringing your attention inside and inquiring into what you're actually feeling, allowing that to be the source of your experience, progressively brings you back to the source inside.

So if you feel to join us, take as much time in stillness as possible today. Switch off the outer world and its distractions. Then feel into what comes up. Don't resist it, especially if it's unpleasant. Often these touch points are simply unconscious judgments people constantly make about the world which hold and suppress them. Spend some quality time going deep into your feelings, accepting them, becoming as-one with them, then find The One through them - the sense of presence.

Who are you really?