The first part of the gathering is about going really deep into the moment. Without giving too much away (not wanting to spoil it for future courses!), it's about progressively taking away distraction, so that you're left in your own feelings. It brings up all manner of inner resistances - the safe, comfortable layers we put around ourselves which protect us from the awesome truth of the moment.

When people touch these boundaries, there's often resistance to them - a desire to take them away. The mind might become fuzzy or hazy, the body painful. There's boredom to penetrate (how can The One ever get bored?). You have to confront these boundaries and feel right into them.

If you can surrender enough, then you start to break through the limiting layers and start to expand out to greet the universe.

    I was talking to one of the group out in the garden early this morning, who was suffering a high degree of resistance and pain. The dawn chorus had recently begun. I could literally feel the sound of the birds connecting inside. And as I asked what they thought about the sound of the birds, a brave little robin landed right on the ground between us. It's these priceless little moments that come to you when you do penetrate and break through the resistance the ego has to the moment. Utterly priceless.

So what is it that pushes your buttons about reality? When you take away all the distractions, sit in solitude and stillness, what comes up for you? And how do you feel it?

The invitation is to feel into these contractions, become as one with them, then "break on through to the other side".

Have a great day


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