Touching down again with y'all gathered for the Transfiguration workshop in Glastonbury. Open asks the question, "Who are you?" I'm feeling a strong pull these days to reclaim and express my personality which is part of who I am. Yes, I'm One with All That Is, but I'm also a unique spark of Divine Benevolence. The trick is to celebrate my uniqueness without identifying with it as my ego likes to do. Somehow along the way, I developed ambivalent feelings about my uniqueness so feel I have buried a lot of who I am. Synchronicity around the cosmic planets and their special energies speaks strongly to me. I'm immersed in an astrology course at present with a focus on planetary archetypes and the chakras. Along with that, I'm re-reading Open's 5 Gateways book since my astrology group doesn't go deeply enough and tends to stay too focused on the intellect (a good mirror for me). This exploration is giving me lots of insights into discovering lost soul bits of who I am. I'm keeping an eye open so I focus more on the feelings and don't get bogged down in the intellect through this exploration. I have an intuitive sense of how I express the energies of the planets in my life and in my relationships when I really feel into their placement and aspects in my astrology chart. This is taking me into a lot of uncomfortable feelings: mainly guilt and shame and how I judge myself on "failing" others. Guess that's why I embrace distraction at times to distance myself from the pain. It's inspiring to read about how all of you are diving deep down the rabbit hole to come out the other side into Absolute Presence without identifying with any of it. Down I go.

x Cathy