Well we've had a fabulous beginning to this week's annual "Transfiguration" course. Despite being pushed hard and into a lot of internal density, the sun came out yesterday and we ended the weekend with beaming smiles and happy hugs. It's always the way when you have the courage to break through.

This was the completion of the initial phase where the work breaks through surface level identity filters that shield people from the deeper truth of the moment - they're filters which people build up due to the conditioning of their lives.

Now we're able to go deeper in - to layers that have been compacted over the years of this life and previous ones too. This subconscious density impacts people negatively and prevents a full expansion into divine union. Hence the need to venture deeper inwards, uncover and unravel it. Such alchemy leads to a divine existence, interconnected with the natural flow.

Here's an article I wrote on integrating inner identities with some useful tips, advice and approaches which you can apply for your life situation...

Integrating Inner Identities as an 'Engine' for Evolution