What an incredibly powerful day it was yesterday - digging deep into inner identity filters. It's not pretty or easy, regressing into all the challenges of growing up in society and the scars that people then carry around with them.

    The important thing is that it can all be healed!

Such suffering is an illusion, around which people build myths: ones that they then try to avoid by placating the pain in some way - by distraction or avoidance. But when you look squarely into the very heart of it, and express it outwards, you explode the myth that it is and reintegrate the lost fragments of 'soul gold' that were buried there. The sense of liberation is astounding.

    There is nothing like witnessing people courageously going into this, then breaking through and being liberated by it.

Once you've cleared a path through the 1st (physical), 2nd (emotional), 3rd (intellectual) inner planes, then it becomes possible to expand onto the 4th density plane - the plane of karma.

Today I'll be regressing the group on a deep journey of discovery - the human journey on this planet, baggage from which, everyone is carrying. They'll be witnessing the 'big picture' of the intervention, but also their individual stories in it. This is the subconscious 'source pain' which so influences people's lives, and limits them, without even knowing why.

Clearing this is pure alchemy. Lives will never be the same again. The soul is liberated to flow more freely through the inner densities which then begins to manifest a more liberated and creative experience in the physical world.

    Let's dive full-on, all in!

If you wish to explore karma with us, here is a key to understanding it...

And here is one for processing it...

Of course you may wish to engage one of the Openhand Facilitators who are all skilled in guiding people through it....

Wishing you all well - thanks so much for joining us on this magical journey.