Hi folks,

What an amazingly deep and powerfully transformative week. I feel truly blessed to have been involved.

Thank you to each of you beautiful souls who courageously stepped forward. It was such a priviledge to connect and share with each and every one of you. Blessings for your onward journey, life will not be the same! *clapping*

Thank you Pennie and Rich for your wonderful support, it was lovely to share and "work" alongside you both. *biggrin*

Thank you Trinity for your truly divine conscious cuisine. It was always so delicious and full of love and nourishment, like a big comforting hug. Thank you for your support in many other ways too! *angel*

Open, words seem inadequate, the way you enable people to find their light and shine is.... PROFOUND! With huge heartfelt thanks (f)

I gained many insights and reflections during the week too and as for the sweat lodge - wow that was intense and beautiful!

With love and immense gratitude,