Open, this is a wonderful article.

Speaking from my own experience, when I climbed out of the box, stopped working for "the Man" in 1988, I started a small herbal company for horses. My friends, my family thought I was quite mad, reckless, naive. What did I know about herbs, starting a business, running a business?....yet I could not deny my heart passion for plants and animals, and the pull of the river to trust. As soon as I quit my job, synchronicities appeared like a meadow of wildflowers.

I sold the herbal company to a much bigger company ten years later, because I was feeling the pull of food, although I didn't know why at the time. The pull was to explore other passions that had been bubbling up. Then in 2006 the river flowed to start a whole food company for horses and dogs. And here I am ten years later doing what I love. Doing what I love has opened the door to new passions: photography, painting, growing hemp :-) The river doesn't stop moving.

I know it appears to be easier to stay in the box, but in my experience that is an illusion. It is easier to follow our passion because we become more alive, more tuned in, more aware and so the feedback loop brings energy, joy, laughter, creativity ---even in the obstacles that appear (my company running headlong into the push-back bureaucracy of the department of Agriculture), the river still flows, creates a new path. To deny the river is to deny who we are. Obstacles are opportunities waiting to unfold.

For me it wasn't courage I needed to get out of the box, it was trust. Trusting the passion, the river, my heart, my spirit.

love, tigger