Tigger, I relate to how you follow your heart in your career path. It's a joy to read about your passion. I started out with a well paid, solid career in an administrative position in hospitals, with excellent pay and a great pension plan, but it didn't fire up my soul, so I walked away and pursued what did several times in my life. Some of those so-not-easy changes involved returning to school at the most hectic of times when I was raising small children with a husband who was away much of the time. In short, I eventually ended up working in several social service sectors where I supported those with psycho-social, physical, and mental health challenges. It truly was a path with heart especially since I could relate to their challenges and draw on so many of my own personal experiences. I may not have ended up with a huge pension, but I am managing just fine. Modest is good. The Universe does indeed support us when we have the courage to step out and follow our hearts although that doesn't mean it's easy. Despite the hardships and challenges I faced, I wouldn't have done it any other way.

These days, I'm pursuing my interests in writing, astrology, and tarot card readings. Who knows where this will take me. I know nothing. Mostly, I feel immense joy in inspiring others as we journey together to higher ground. One of my favourite moments in a 2015 Openhand workshop in Victoria/Canada was being asked by Open to choose a character we resonate with. I chose Samwise Gamgee from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. What I came to realize not that long ago is that I've always felt passionate about cheering others on through thick and thin. Tolkien said that the character of Samwise Gamgee was drawn from his war experiences as an officer, fighting alongside the soldiers in the trenches, who he considered to be the unsung heroes of the war.

That's how I feel about all of us lightworkers around the world who have the courage and honesty to look within to dissolve our own darkness and the love and compassion to inspire others to do the same, so we can light the path between worlds to the Fifth Dimension.

Here's a short film clip featuring Samwise Gamgee that warms my heart to no end as tears stream down. It's for all the amazing, dedicated lightworkers everywhere, the unsung heroes who keep slogging through the 3D trenches.

Love to All,