Does passion needs to be one thing or the other? I find that i continuously shift focus to something new and i can get committed to it and find the necessary satisfaction (with varying degrees )like singing, teaching, managing a business and now fixing an organic garden. Doing these are particularly interesting when I'm not trying to follow any passion of any kind or desperately needing any outcome. I had this interesting talk with my brother. He was trying to associate passion with some external outcome or goal and i was putting it forward as something to find in the simplest of the things like even cleaning or digging. But I'm not sure how much of what i preach i believe. With all this said i would always associate my passion with playing music since i get appreciation and joy with it . But that's the tricky part as soon as i label it as something as passion i suck the juice out of it . I want to do something else because it would never be upto my expectation, sometimes it does and now that's my bar and i would get disappointed with anything less than that. Its also where most of my jealousy lies which is the biggest downfall. I know there isnt any easy way forwards and im not looking for any but is there someway to use the negativity as fuel to propel me forwards since im in no shortage of fuel.