Yes, yes, yes!

(I'm getting passionate about this article can you tell?)

As someone who has had many passions but not always the confidence or trust to fully explore them, I have learnt in the last couple of years how important it is to just go for it!

For those who might be restricting themselves with conditioning or fear - I understand. I have suffered with the belief that I couldn't make my passions work for me, or that I just wasn't good enough to put myself out there. And there's always the question of how to get resources from such living. As Open said, an engagement on the physical, earthly level is absolutely needed - a bit like saying 'if I want to express my passion, what platforms are best to do this? How am I going to get seen?' 

A big step comes if you can dive in just one time, give it some patience and persistence and suddenly something comes back to you - someone will get in touch and offer you something.  And, over time trust in this process of expressing builds. No-ones saying you need to go from fear to no-fear in a day.  It happens over time (for me many years and still going) but each time you go further into your passion you'll build up more energy and beautifully suprising things will come back to you out of nowhere. 

And each time you feel more alive!

I have to confess though, it has sometimes been hard not to let the passion be led by outcome orientated thinking - for me it has often been about getting enough Money to live on while only expressing my passions. I guess it's a delicate Balance between engaging with the world and bringing in resources but not making it about the outcome. I'm also observing that it can take years to make this kind of transition. Patience indeed.

Thanks Open!

Richard (Openhand Facilitator)