I agree!

Several years ago, I was doing the daily grind as most do. But I was not happy, I was so far from happy its not funny. I got an accounting degree because my Father wanted me to, and he just had my best interests at heart so how could he be wrong?! Well he was not wrong, but accounting and sitting all day in an office just was not my thing. Then I did websites and java coding, some cutesy web art but still that was not my true interest. I always had this idea in the back of my head from as far back as I can remember that if all else fails.. I could just do hair. Get that degree. Not that I ever needed the degree to do so. I had been doing that already on most everyone I knew anyways. Yet I did do that, I got a cosmetology degree and had a position waiting for me before I graduated and everything was perfect. That was until I was more or less backed into a corner of having to be a Manager to everyone in the salon. I could feel too back then how the whole corporate ladder looked more like a descension into hell instead of an uplift. I didn't mind the whole being “the manager” part. I love people in general, love helping them and especially love hair. But I did not and just could not force product onto people, heck half the ingredient list can only be understood by researching what is this and what is that. We all have our own sort of products (in whatever form that may be) why change what works unless a change is really exceptionally helpful or absolutely needed. Besides, pushing the company product to me was like – OK this stuff does not smell good, therefore it just cant be all that great, I'm just saying. Plus the corporation just didn't appreciate my – Be Free, have fun, play! Corporations tend to appreciate the cookie cutter procedures and rightly so.


I would probably still be at the same job today, doing the same thing except for the fact my Daughter had a child and wild horses could not of dragged me away from tending to that little boy five days a week. Being a Grandparent for me is just phenomenal and I learned so much from him as he learned from me. By the time he was in kindergarten, he could read children's books and do a great deal of math as well as paint and draw. If I had not gone running towards caring for that little boy I probably would not be doing what I'm doing today, which is painting acrylic abstracts every chance I get. I lost my state license to practice hair. I didn't even think about maintaining my yearly fee, such was the fun I was having and to get that license back means going back to school and I had to ask myself.. Is that really worth it?! I still have some clients that come to me when needed and eventually everything will work out anyways.. It always does. Because your right, when you follow your passion, when you follow what makes your heart sing, how can that ever go wrong :)