People often ask me "how do I trust? how do I let go?" You can only truly do that by confronting the moment as it is and not trying to deny or deflect from it. We have to go deep into the feelings to be able to become as-One with them - The One in them. Here's an example in an excerpt from the Breakthrough Book...

    The passenger jet bumps down hard on the tarmac at Heathrow International Airport; it was landing through the dense, damp and cold fog, which was hanging in the air like thick veils, obscuring reality. Maybe it’s been like this since I left? I was wondering, but with a wry inner smile. Nothing was going to dampen my heightened mood, no matter how hard it tried.

    That said, on the way home, a nauseous knot began to gather, grow and tighten in my gut, with every mile closer. I knew I had to face the music. There was simply no avoiding it. How unfair is this! I thought. It seemed totally right in Las Vegas that I should feel the liberation of my soul, basking in the ever-present sunshine of the divine. We deserve this, it is our birthright, our destiny, how we’re supposed to live. But why do I have to pay for that? I found myself thinking.

    It’s not that you have to pay for it. You’ve willingly disconnected from it, to some degree. Your soul was tempted into identification with the drama – thinking it really needs something out there to make it whole and complete. But then you realise that’s not necessary, that if you just let go of the need for it to be a certain way, then your awesome freedom will create ever-new experiences to taste that bounteous divine union - the sense of rightness within. But you have to keep choosing that; you have to keep choosing the freedom, the natural flow of the moment; you have to keep finding and expressing yourself as you really are - then trust that the Universe will organise the rest.

    “How do I trust? How do I let go?”

    Confront and embrace the moment you’ve now created, exactly as it is, without needing to change it. Totally honour it.

    “What do you mean by honour?”

    I mean you have to willingly step in the direction that seems to cause the pain, and to fully express what you feel.


    It’s the only way. Your soul is meant to be liberated, a flowing experience from the presence of The One – the Source. It yearns for it. So if allowed to – if you don’t resist – it will willingly take you into the places where you identify with the illusion of reality, so you can learn to let go and be awesomely okay in it. The soul is forged in this crucible, to always stay liberated and free. It’s called ‘self-realisation’ – but it’s not given on a plate. You have to work for it.

    “How do I work?”

    Honour the pain by stepping willingly into that course of action which seems to create the pain and is clearly drawing you toward it – like going home now. Feel the tightness, wherever it is (like in your gut), then become as one with it by exploring intimately into every nuance of it. These are exactly the touch-points where the soul is identifying. Ask: “What do I think I need from this situation? What am I afraid will happen?” Imagine the worst possible outcome – feel deep into any tightness. Because The One in you isn’t afraid of anything.

    “What happens then?”

    In becoming as one with the pain, without needing it to go away, you become awesomely okay with it to be there and remain. You express it out into your world. Maybe shout or scream about it, move, adopt an expressive position. When you do this, you can break through and unleash the soul. From that place, you’re touching the infinite potential of the Source, because it’s where the soul originates from. And so now anything can happen. You’ll create miracles because you unleash through you a flow of universal rightness. You manifest destiny.

    I pull the car over into a lay-by. The pain is wanting to double me up, so I let it. I want to bang on the steering wheel, so I don’t stop myself. After a while, with my face red and flustered, my attention is guided to the CD folder. I quickly flick through it, but without really thinking, an obvious CD just jumps out. I instantly know the track I’m supposed to play...“In the air tonight” by Phil Collins:

    “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
    And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord.”
    (Lyrics by Phil Collins)

    The sound, the feeling, the sense of the way the words are sung, seem to speak directly into the heart of the pain and animate it. Within moments, it becomes so easy to forget that I’m in a car, pulled over in a lay-by, with the lights of other cars whizzing by. The windows are now all steamed up with my explosive animation, the headlights flickering in, as if I’m in some translucent haze. And it’s becoming deeply transcendent. To the extent that I almost begin to enjoy it.

    You’re beginning to accept the purpose of it, why you created it, that perhaps it is not such a bad thing after all. At least your pain lets you know you’re really alive again!

    Suddenly something clicks inside – like someone in there has thrown a switch. I realise I am completely okay with this - with the potential breakdown of my family and what that might cause. I’ve found myself naturally letting go, expanding out inside. It feels liberating. I can do this, I can take that course of action - the one I can literally feel wanting to happen.
    You’ve come home to the abode of The One again.

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