Open's "Breakthrough" book arrived this week. I drove down to the beach two days ago to read it while basking in the warm sun by the ocean. An hour later, I felt a strong urge to leave. I drove my car to the only street that exits the waterfront and was greeted by a traffic flag-person who flashed a red STOP sign at me. She was highly animated as she repeatedly motioned to me to back my car up further and further from the exit road, which I did. I noted a huge barge on the water and several trucks parked along the beach front. Five to ten minutes later, the yellow tape across the road was removed after a truck came through, so I slowly began to accelerate forward to the street up ahead on my right. Whereupon the flag-person flashed the STOP sign at me again.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"It's impossible to get out since there's a house sitting on a platform in the middle of the exit road. They're slowly bringing it down the road to load it onto the barge," she said.

"How long will this take?" I asked.

"I don't know. But no-one can get by," she said.

I had important timelines to keep to that day. No signs had been posted informing the public that the road would be closed. The scene felt so much bigger than what was actually playing out. I felt an incredible upwelling of warrior energy surge through my being.

"I have an important appointment to keep, so I simply must get out!" I announced firmly in no uncertain terms.

The supervisor of the project was witnessing the exchange from across the road.

"Does she have to get out?" he shouted.

"YES!" I shouted back. By this time, the flag-person had backed away from me. I sensed she didn't want to take me on. Wise woman.

"I will take you through," the supervisor said.

He led me around the corner where a large, two-storey house was sitting on a platform with a truck parked beside it, blocking the entire street. He instructed the driver to move the truck so I could get through. I was on my way.

My day had begun quietly sitting contentedly in the sun reading Open's new book. An hour later, I was prepared to take on a whole army if need be. No-one's holding me captive in this crazy matrix, stop sign or no. Breakthrough I did!

Bottom Line: Don't mess with a fierce post-menopausal priestess! :)