Just finished Breakthrough and I loved it. Took me some time to read it because every few pages I had to pause as memories of my own breakthroughs forgotten or not recognized came to the surface. There are so many gems in this book, so many "ah, yeses", so much resonance. The book for me was another reminder of gratitude for the journey because it really is an amazing adventure we are all on.

Throughout the book I kept seeing the number 3. I would be reading, and 3 would flash in my mind.

Towards the end of the book, I was out walking with the dogs and there in my path lay a bald eagle feather. Although I have been gifted an eagle feather, I have never found one in my path. At first I didn't pick it up, just looked at it in wonderment. Eagle medicine is that of spirit, it is very powerful medicine, worn by chiefs in their head dresses. To my grandmother's people, you have to earn an eagle feather. The feather lay directly across from my mentor, Grandmother Standing Tree. I felt her saying, "pick it up." I cupped the feather in my two hands and felt this amazing sense of lightness, as if I were a feather too.

The following day on the same trail, ten feet from where I had found the eagle feather, was a wild turkey feather. Turkey is the medicine of give-away or pot-latch, sharing or giving what you have with others; to share abundance not hang on to abundance. I put the feather in my hat band to join the eagle feather: giving and spirit.

The next day I was drawn to take a different path to the creek, through the pine forest. And there in my path was a crow feather. Crow medicine is that of magic, shape shifting, moving through darkness and light. Since I live with a family of crows I am quite used to seeing crow feathers. But this one was different: it was not an old feather shed because it was no longer needed. This feather was newly given, pristine. It joined the eagle, and turkey feathers in my hat.

I feel the medicines of these birds represent Breakthrough: spirit, generosity, and movement through darkness into light.

love, tigger