Indeed this article is truly hard to grasp. It creates all kinds of questions about destiny of one's true being, in the faith of the planet and all that inhabit it and their purpose. Is it not ego in all of us that lays blame, in order to distract us from being in the present? Things that I do know, when I remain present and aware, in my mind I see rays of light illuminating from the flow of life and brings me great peace. My awareness is not there yet neither Joann. The more I learn the less I know. If that makes sense. We do know, that change is constant and will never stop. We also know that nothing changes in the past or the future, it all changes in the present and awareness is key. Can we really save mankind? and the Planet? I do not have the answer but believe the change has to come from inside one's self.
I do know that openhand has introduced me to a group of people that show love and kindness and sharing that makes the journey that I'm on so much easier to understand without truly understanding.

To infinity and beyond,