I felt to post my Facebook comments about Open's article here on the OH forum. Increasingly, I trust my inner knowing, my sense of what feels true in the deepest parts of my being. It doesn't matter to me if I have all the details or if someone in the scientific community can prove it's true. What matters is how I feel about it. It's important for each of us to honour what rings true for us. I appreciate the honesty of each person's sharing here.

I feel a strong connection to the Pleiadeans, Bringers of the Dawn. The sense of connection has been building inside for several years. I ignored it at first because it felt too fantastical. Now it simply feels true.

Here are the comments I posted to Openhand's Facebook Page yesterday about this article:

"Thank you for this, Open. I'm feeling connected up to the Pleiadeans and have for a while now. I feel them as my star soul family. Pleiadean energy does feel very dolphin like as you describe: light, joyful, and playful. I resonate with the Pleiadean message that light is information and the more we return to our true essence, pure light, the more we access the wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos, the light library. All things are revealed. Everything and nothing. I am finding this to be a very challenging time, burning through deep and ancient wounds. In that regard, your point about not making the denser energies wrong is something I needed to hear today. All my life I've felt an affinity for Christ consciousness so will work consciously to infuse this beautiful energy thru my heart. I resonate so much with your article and in a way longed to hear it."