This article is quite synchronistic and tangible for me. The realignment you mentioned I am feeling within myself and it is flooding me like a storm tearing apart the old paradigm. Also, I'm tuning into the "evolution" of human kind you are describing here, but it seems to be moving in reverse. In my reality the darkness is craving the light now, the control is being undone, the modifications reversed or destroyed.

Like you, I feel the Christ consciousness and the Pleiadian presence quite strongly. This consciousness seems to want to hold the space for the fear that is coming more to the surface now. I just finished reading B.Marciniak's book about the Pleiadians and it brought me to tears several times. I've also been feeling very strong "light waves" since August. These "waves" seem to be affecting my physical constitution as well as my consciousness. Is anybody here feeling that too? (I know 3 other people that do)

Internally, the new consciousness is permeating into the sense of how I welcome some experiences and resist the other. All experiences and feelings begin to feel of “equal in value” and I am finding more capacity to welcome what is coming at me recently with open arms. My loneliness, the extasy of intimacy, sense of loss, sensation of dew on my skin, betrayal, chilling wind on a rainy day at the Pacific coast, belly laughter shared with a friend, my life and also my death cannot be replaced, all are essential, perfect and required.

Few days ago an unexpected question popped up: “would you welcome your death as an experience?”. I held this question for some time and felt through the resistance, fear, tears, loneliness, unworthiness, loss and felt the threads slowly becoming undone. Then, it all just let go, just like that, without fireworks. It collapsed and left. For the first time in my life I felt absolutely no fear and my body felt like bunch of fast vibrating particles, not solid matter… I went for a walk to the river. The world was flowing through my open heart. These experiences usually don't stay in full bloom beyond few days for me, but usually produce a shift in perception. There is a sense of rightness now and I have a stronger sense of “this is what I came here to be”.

You said: “But you don't fight the dark. That simply creates more darkness. As much as practically possible, reconciliation needs to happen.”
This really speaks to me, Open. There is darkness within ourselves and I’ve learned from you to not shy from it, but to allow it to come to the surface, so it can be held and transmuted. The light is waiting, even now, no prerequisites needed, all is perfect as it is. Trust it.

With love.


PS As far as the evolution theory is concerned, I do not see how the mainstream theory would be more believable than the one presented by Open. It may seem so, because it’s been around for so long. I resonate with the possibilities raised by Open. They are connecting to the inner knowings and faint memories from long ago.