It seems my article has connected with star souls out there and those who can feel their Pleiadian connection - no surprises :-)

I wasn't going to write the article - it felt a little exposed - but the Pleiadians coming in through the ether asked me to do it. They could sense the wider struggle going on for souls here to resolve the consumptive raptor consciousness acting through the lower chakras.

Of course you're going to feel very little if you're still deeply engaged in the surface level matrix - your reality becomes what you focus on (heads up from the 'not-so-smart-phones'!). Paradoxically though you're still affected by the consciousness even if you're not aware of it - the raptor for example, because it's an integral part of Homo Sapiens vibrationary make-up.

This 'natural evolution from the apes' story is indeed incredibly pervasive and limiting. But the story is easily defeated by it's own science. If you imagine as a metaphor a human represented as a tree where the leaves represent our genes, then the twigs upon which they are hung represent the chromosomes. Each has 46, 23 pairs, half from your mother and half from your father. The Homonids from which we're supposed to have ascended have 48. To get to Homo Sapiens, mysteriously the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes have been joined - you can tell because the genetics of the chromosomes are still the same, they've just been joined together.

Now this 'joining', this mutation is incredibly complex and far more than just one simple step - as required for the Darwinian story to be true. Firstly there are no successfully breeding humans with 47 chromosomes, so the leap to get from Homonids to Humans must have been direct from 48 to 46. This is a very telling story...

First this mutation would have had to have happened in say an alpha male. But the problem is it is not just one mutation, but two simultaneous ones - the 2nd and the 3rd chromosomes on both the father/mother lineages would have had to join. Each step in itself is incredibly complex because to join chromosomes you have to switch off blocking 'telemeres' in each chromosome. And there is absolutely no natural evolutionary advantage - in fact it's a disadvantage because it creates genetic weakness such as infertility. Down's syndrome people who do have 47 chromosomes are infertile for example.

But the story goes deeper. Mainstream science postulates that despite this incredibly difficult and unlikely leap, that it did indeed happen in one alpha male. But here's the next problem for the mainstream - when the alpha male with 46 chromosomes breeds with a female of 48, then there's a 50:50 chance that the offspring would have 48 chromosomes. So where are all the modern humans with 48 chromosomes - there are none!

The only way for all Homo Sapiens to have 46 chromosomes is if this double mutation occurred both in a male AND a female (which is 4 simultaneous identical 'mutations') in the same space and time. Somehow they would just have to have met up, when both were fertile to have then propagated the entire human race. The odds are literally zillions to one. It's a farcical joke to even suggest it happened naturally through single step changes. The only way it could have happened was if done purposefully.
In Divinicus, I explain exactly what was the point of making these changes, who did it, why and how... Divinicus: rise of the divine human

When I share this with people in meditation, if they're not resisting and are open to the possibility, it's amazingly liberating. Because you actually start to feel the effects of the intervention, which then becomes possible to work with and realign within yourself. The chromosomes won't revert at this stage, but all the pent up trauma to do with humanity's convoluted past unwinds. You find a much deeper degree of peace and harmony within your own being.