Yea I didn't know what to call the subject line on this one: Sex, drugs and rock and roll, Pleadians and Reptilians.

So speaking with uni students, most are kind and sharing but everyone is soo heavily ingrained with the notion of "Sex, drugs and rock and roll". The porn industry on the internet has corrupted the sexuality of many teenage boys, and everyone just wants to party without earning it. That along with a vibrational entity that is clinging inside my head, spawned there by me smoking weed, are what was going through my mind when I read the bit about bringing together Pleadian and Reptilian energies together. I dunoo what this geezer is doing inside my head, but he feels really heavy when I get high....

Then regarding the interdementional ambush, I just got visions of charging head on against some vile looking entities and then fighing along side loads of angels. AAAh them days must have been fun! Don't worry I started choking when I wrote that last sentence, but I've decided to leave this and let you into my mind.
Because I don't know what is right or wrong, if your immune system stops killing things then you got HIV/AIDS.
I got a hollow soul filled with the shades of me and you, mesmerized I hide them tears and step a little closer, a little closer to the sweet magnolia plant. So let's rewind back to the days of when it was just Sunsets and flowers, blue skies and endless stars, take a deep breath and remember....
I feel like a cyborg, a cyborg inside the movie Warcraft (there's no cyborgs in it).
From light comes darkness, and from darkness light. Yea that was the punch line of the film.....
oh that and
No one can stand against the darkness alone, trust in your friends and do what must be done ;)

Regarding: "realign the raptor consciousness in your lower chakras", ravenous hunger in the sexual centers, spawned by my past porn addictions and now fuelled by every sexual advert you see along with every girl wearing an insane amount of make up and stupid high heels. But don't worry I started doing kegel exercises and they've helped with this issue! haa I totally recomend!

ps edit. Just found this quote "Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." -Unknown.