So much energy can be spent on the intellectual research, digging in scientific papers. Trying to prove or disprove a theory may even create an attachment and with it a degree of inflexibility, even dogma. I’m speaking from experience here as I found myself lost at the bottom of the rabbit hole few times, trying to understand years of scientific research. I realized that while the intellectual pursuit of truth is important, it is ultimately only based on the 5 senses, therefore limited and (to me) insufficient.


When we consider a new “wild” point of view (such as the one presented here by Open), we allow ourselves to expand beyond the usual frame of reference. And that's brilliant! When that occurs, it is beneficial to tune in to the other senses that are available to us.

I like what Open said:

“So I suggest maintaining an open mind and simply see how my sharing resonates at least in part. What do you feel?”

That’s it. It is not only about how many papers have been published for or against a theory. Scientific research is great, but how does this other point of view make us feel is a beginning of a different, deeper research.

To me, the inquiry is not about right/wrong or good/bad, but about bringing things to consciousness, becoming more aware of what we are aligning ourselves with. The paradigm controlled by the matrix seems to be about mis-information, illusion, dogma, paralysis, locking the consciousness in tight spaces. There is so much contradicting scientific proof in regards to the human evolution that it can be really disorienting for those of us without a Ph.D. in a related science domain. It is virtually impossible to navigate through this using just the intellect. What it might do to the eager researcher is sucking up of the attention, the awareness, followed by a temporary downgrading of the consciousness (again, speaking from experience).

I feel that in our raise from the matrix entrapment we need to be reminded of who we truly are. Perhaps when gently opening up to the theory of our origin, presented here, you, like me, will feel your own multidimensionality and how it’s been entrapped for ages. With that may come the uncovering of the identity of those attempting to manipulate your reality. Anything can really happen when you are holding a question.

Charlie, you said:
“I do not look for reasons to explain things much any more and believe that there are more things, I will not understand, than things I will understand and that is OK too.”

I’m 100% with you on that. Enjoy the mystery of the unknown. This is what we signed up for. Enjoy the ride!