Thanks for tuning in everyone. *OK*

Yes, Margaret, you are absolutely right - how easy it is to get lost in the intellect! For me science has clearly done this. In not allowing itself to expand out of the traditional descending from the Apes theory, it postulates all manner of possibilities for the shift from 48-46 chromosomes and even creates some science sexy names for it. But still the odds are ridiculously crazy for it happening. And there's no explanation at all for why humanity didn't successfully pass through 47 chromosomes to get there. This shift is not what makes us human, and yet we all have the 'mutation'. How did it propagate, why did it propagate when it's an evolutionary hurdle?

What it does do is create 'speciaition'. So if some purposeful changes to the genetics had been introduced - through the fourth density via sound or light for example - then by splicing these chromosomes together, you create a barrier between the new species and the stock - original - one. It effectively prevents successful cross-breeding and therefore ensures the hybridisation is not bred out over time. This is especially important if genetic weakness had been introduced - such as bone thickness and muscle strength at 50% of the original. How is that an evolutionary advantage at a time when (for humanity) the world was full of predators? There are countless such inconsistances, like why does the average creature have less than a 100 genetic disorders when the average human has several thousand of them? But the science is not necessary to know. Just to suspect that all is not as traditionally explained is enough to begin the feeling inquiry. This helps to begin to process the karma.

Helen you asked what did I mean by the Pleiadians 'being in exile'?

It was meant kind of metaphorically. The Pleiadians originally struggled here, in a hybridised human form. This original seeding came to an abrupt end. It created a good deal of karma. The star soul family essentially left - withdrew. Although others embodied into a later human form - into Homo Sapiens we see today. In my knowing there has been a kind of disconnect. As has happened for many other star souls living here. Some know they originated in other constellations but struggle to build the bridge back to that connection.

The connection is important because it helps remind star souls of dormant resonances within their own soul frequencies. When people come to the Openhand work, the consciousness we contain creates a bridge into these other constellations - people feel the reconnection with their star soul origins. It feels like coming home.

Right now, I've felt like being a bridge for the Pleiadians - as explained in the article. I feel their energies approaching more strongly again, down through the dimensions to connect with Pleiadian star souls here. And to support in the evolution of human consciousness.