Regarding "how easy it is to get lost in the intellect", well that's what I find beautiful about it (I'm doing a PhD in experimental physics atm). The parallels I see with getting lost in a forest: you chose to walk in there and bring about the visual landscape of a myriad of trees, woodpeckers & butterflies. Birds and worms, you walked in there and now might be lost and scared because you don't know where you are. Or you might be lost in there just because everything is beautiful. It's the same with the current scientific archives: you chose to read all them publications and now you might be annoyed that it doesn't answer your questions and doesn't know everything whilst being an endless maze of thoughts. It's like a forest: an endless maze of trees.

And I will also plead that you treat these scientific archives with respect; Buddhists have been saying how we are all energy and waves for 2 000 years, 20 years after science said the same thing we split the atom... I'm sitting here writing this knowing our technology of using lasers (light) to manipulate DNA is improving everyday.

If you ask for Science to catch up quicker with Spiritual understanding, it will happen quicker. Scienists are a collective that will heed the call of the collective. A cry for more HD screens, quicker internet, and more distractions was sent out and look us now.
The technology in this video is real: