Hey fellow travellers,

I too got lost down the rabbit hole for awhile. I learnt alot but then I had to pop out of it to the surface to breathe! It became a distraction.

I was trying to help others see it too but realized I just have to let them be, and be my own flavour. If they were curious I would share only if I felt it was auspicious.

Alot of this I dont understand with my mind but on another level it rings true, especially after reading Lloyd Pyes stuff! It just hit me wham!(and Divinicus)

Now Im learning to just go by feel, even the shitty stuff is a gateway to freedom for me. I dont run as much as I used to, Yay!

I have connected to others that feel so much like family, more than my blood family! Its so nice as it's taken quite awhile to happen. 

If anyone needs a 'feel good' encouraging thing to watch in the midst of this crazy matrix, I would recommend sussing out 'Listentoyourhorse' website. I suspect that this special herd of semi feral horses are what some might call star souls come in horse form to encourage and give wisdom. It has certainly catalyzed my growth and encouraged me greatly, as has this site. 

Thankyou fellow travellers for your sharings.