In my exploration one of the features of the reptilian energy is unconsciousness and 'blindness', which in my view is one of the reasons it is so 'successful' with humanity - when you're unconscious you just consume, damage, hurt, destroy blindly, oblivious to any responsibility or causality, and that's it. Personally, when I went through the experience of it I agreed to lose 'consciousness' and walk blind. Looking for the way in the 'dark' and allowing this energy to play out in my life in all its distortions and experiencing what it does I eventually made my way to trigger and bring the worst out of it within me and around me. Two things were found in the climax:

1. The negative feelings for it and the need to get rid of it, kill it, which happened in the past, I mean who wouldn't want to just erase it once seeing it for what it is? Even if it means to damage or kill oneself to get rid of it (who remembers Ripley and the alien in Alien 3?) We also see expressions of it in dealing with insects, viruses and cancer.

2. Realisation of the source of it, which is the same as for all of us, empathy and eventual heart- and body- (important) opening to contain and balance it in its peak 'performance'.

So it doesn't surprise me that lighter forms were brought to counter-act the energy and level the field as much as possible and that you recommend non-judgmental heart engagement when working with this energy. It takes a lot of empathy and unconditional love and ability to tolerate pain to be able to take it in, get fully immersed in it, allow it to consume and then unravel out of it. I'd add that opening the body itself to it is important for me. It can be nice to accept things in the heart, but actually feeling it and its impact in the body, in the physicality, allowing the energy into the body and do things to the body is a different thing. So I had to do this without consciousness as such, disconnected from 'higher' centers, to really go into it and be it as it is, which is cut off, purely by following the appearing pieces in the puzzle and just trying things in the dark, getting consumed, attacked, 'infected', 'bitten' and 'hit' by this energy. Here my past experience with martial arts helped. I know how to 'absorb'. Maybe I went too far. Maybe I went as far as needed, but eventually it blew me to little pieces haha But then isn't it what it does? Just consumes and blows everything eventually... even the things it 'loves' or depend on...

After coming out of the unconscious part of it many gifts await though. This consciousness, once it becomes conscious, has amazing properties. I experience things such as:

increased sense of groundedness and embodiment

new degree of directness and honesty

in-the-body, down to earth rather than heart-to-heart connection with animals and nature - feeling denser vibrations that were not felt and seen before

totally new sensation of spontaneity - when instinctual meets the spiritual

Mixed with other expressions it gives a much more clear and powered action

a different kind of courage and fearlessness - fast and furious

ability to be open with more 'dense' expressions, experiences and energies

ability to explore sexuality and sensuality in a more 'honest' way, without avoidance, shame and shyness

a deep realisation that there is light and truth even in the 'darkest' energies and expressions

better boundaries - raptor consciousness tends to cross boundaries, including those vital to it, so there is an improved ability to set those, important

the sacred side of anger, aggression and 'negative' emotions and being able to integrate them into the 'system' as a part of the 'concert' - these can dance very nicely when supported by other aspects

I also love the intermixing between this energy and the Sirian 'aesthetic', purist, polished and needy one. The raptor likes to 'spit' in the face of sophisticated, intellectual and sanitary Sirian and surely will try to step on it anytime, while the Sirian will despise and try to 'get rid' of all this aggressive, rude and underdeveloped cockroach energy asap. Now go make it work between them inside yourself. A cocktail to reckon with. If you work with the combo, you'll need a very high ability to contain polarities and contradictions. All this process definitely caused me a lot of suffering, being very sensitive and all. The curious part for me is that first I had to embrace it without understanding anything, the head was gone. And only then did I get to begin to 'see', feel and integrate. It is still happening and I still have more to accept, soften about, open to and 'die for'. This energy needs a lot of love and acceptance to soften and unravel. 

It is strange that usually, after working on a karmic and energetic planes I go back to childhood experiences and realise and process stuff on that level, more of the web is unravelled. So to me additional gift is new levels of unravelling and healing.