Hi Yulia - thanks for sharing your experiences with reptilian energy that is active to varying degrees in all people - what I call 'raptor consciousness'. I would encourage all to read about your experiences - there's lots to be gained from them.

I just felt to amplify also that there are very positive aspects to this energy, and it is not to be pushed away, but rather realigned within. So for example, it has great courage, will power and tenacity. It is tremendously resilient and can pick you up in the deepest of challenges when you've been knocked down. It has termendous team ethos and is fiercely faithful to its team. So some positive qualities to be embodied too. And in so doing, this helps raptor entities in the field realign too - you give them a reason to evolve.

I've found they can become realigned metaphysical dragon energy!

People tuning in will be forgiven for thinking I including this next clip as a joke. I didn't. There's much truth in parody...