Another timely article...I’m on the verge of stepping out right now, am I’m scared. I have a lovely house, home, family and partner. But something hasn’t been right for a long time, particularly as I’ve grown and changed while walking my path.
A couple of months back, I was struck by an energetic bolt of lightning while hugging a friend. It literally blew both of our socks off! Since then, pure magic has just been unfolding for us. There is absolutely nothing yet everything between us, a profound honesty, a love so pure and clear, no agenda. It’s like standing in front of a mirror when we are together. And the energy we can feel, it just feels unreal.
So, my existing relationship has come into question. Can I continue to live with this feeling of ‘not quite rightness’ between us? How can I ignore such a powerful relationship with this other person?
It’s been a roller coaster ride for all 3 of us since this has happened, we have all been through very dark places, but now the time has come for me to make my choice, should I stay or should I go. Should I follow my heart or my head? I know what the answer is, but it doesn’t make it any easier.
I feels like I’m about to shatter lives and it doesn’t feel good. I’m teetering on the cliff edge, can I jump? I don’t know.