Hi Jolucy I feel for you *give_rose*

Anyone who has ever truly stepped onto the path will have a good idea of what you're experiencing.

You said...

    "It feels like I’m about to shatter lives."

Are they lives you'll be shattering or illusions?

It is said "be true to yourself and then you cannot be false to any man." Are you really giving love and truth to another if you're not in truth? Is it kind to do so? I believe you know the answers.

Breaking up is always tough, but as long as you come compassionately from the truth, then it will all unravel itself in the right way. Everyone will get the best outcome because they will get truth. That's all you can ever truly ask.

Remember that as you begin making various steps, always feel the tightness as you step into them and work to unwind it. That's why you're experiencing it and its a golden opportunity to evolve.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*