Hi Open, thanks for your response. I agree, throughout this, the one thing which has kept me strong is knowing that I am being true to myself and honoring that by expressing my truth. The truth can be a difficult thing to say, and to hear, but that is all there is.

You said about shattering illusions....are they my illusions I'm shattering or am I shattering someone else's? What about my children, maybe they have the least illusions out of all of us!

I have been feeling into the many varied emotions which have been arising, focusing on where they are located and reaching in and stirring up the root of the feeling. It's been really interesting seeing what has come up and giving thought to those emotions. I've been all the way back to my childhood, checking out how my life has been formed and molded. As you say, a golden opportunity to evolve. If nothing changes, nothing ever will change......:-)