Hi Jolucy,

You asked...

    "You said about shattering illusions....are they my illusions I'm shattering or am I shattering someone else's?"

If you've shifted internally and you feel like your soul is now pulling you in a different direction; if you feel differently to your partner because of what's happened, then the likelihood is that they're now living in an illusion about who you are and where you're at.

It's because people form these interconnected energetic 'bubbles' around their relationships. Mostly they're not actually relating to the person, but to the energetic imprint of their perception of the person. And if you've shifted, those perceptions will be out-dated. So to be true to them, is to true to ourselves and express clearly the new truth. Compassionate, of course, yes, but nevertheless express truthfully who you are.

In this way you give those that relate to you an empowered choice about you. And it very liberating for you, because you're not to hold up expectation and obligation.

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