Hi Etta, it's clearly karma activating. A great deal of what becomes diagnosed as 'physical pain or trauma' is actually the fourth density energy body projecting onto the physical experience. The tingling sensation actually suggests that soul is beginning to infuse in.

Let me ask you, how are you with patience?

The Breakthrough Approach is extremely effective. I think when people see me using it in the workshops and we're sweeping through karma in a matter of minutes, the thought might be that all karma is like this and that it's always this easy. It's not! Sometimes it can take weeks or months. We just have to have patience and keep working with it.

There are several things to take note of in processing karma...

  • Accept it: You have to really be able to accept it, to the degree you can live with it and not need it to go away. This requires enormous amounts of surrender.
  • Explore it deeply: Whilst 'living with it' though, doesn't at all mean to ignore it. There must be a pretty frequent feeling into it and exploring it.
  • "Show me! When we say to the universe "show me!", again, its a constant message and then inquiring and watching. One huge tip to take note of - if there's no immediate answer, if there's apparent silence, it usually means you have to go deeper into it.
  • Watch for 'spiking': Be patient with the "show me!" Watch what takes place in your daily life that 'spikes' in the field: the words that someone uses which seem to stand out with a deeper meaning; the next movie you're drawn to or writing or blog post; the next lyrics of a song that stand out. Your subconscious will be speaking to you through circumstances like these.
  • Self-realisation: Look for the self-realisation aspect. What is this inviting of you. My sense is there's something around being disabled (in a past life) - having a broken back and feeling disempowered. So take the word "disabled", lie down on the floor and feed it into your energy field - what happens?

My sense is you've only touched the surface and have got to activate deeper in. Then it will clear, soul will integrate through it and you'll evolve another solid step.