Hi Open,

Wow thank you so much. I've just done what you said lying down with the word 'disabled' and this is what happened (I think I'm starting to see energy):

Flashing colours.
Pain in abdomen left side from ribs down to hip.
Breathing deep.
Colours start to calm and flow instead of flashing.
Aching in knees and lower legs.
Soften into pain, allow it.
Kept coming back to pain in abdomen
Breathed into it
Saw faint image of large needle going into flesh.
Tried not judge just observe the colours and lie there with open mind.
When I came back and tried to sit up I got the churning in my guts/womb that I've been having the last week. Felt like I wanted to push a baby out or something that shouldn't be there. 

Now as I'm writing this the tingling is really strong in my upper back but this time I don't feel to fight it - just letting it be.

Thank you so much.  I'm going to keep working with this because I feel a shift already. 


P.s the word 'patience' in your reply caused a spike in me. I have always struggled to have patience. I feel in my heart that this past life karma will help with this - how wonderful  :)