I went deeper just now and this is what happened (my back is really hurting now)

Bright white light - sterile - operation room/clinic?

Image - Cord with dot on the end. Dot removed and replaced with something

Poking and prodding

A few beings there watching my belly

The energy of my love of Maddy there- maternal but painfully pulling on my heart strings. How it would feel if someone took her away or hurt her.

Image - eyes being forced open with metal claws

Strapped down

Can't move

Black out

I came round to this reality disorientated. No idea how long I'd been off as I rarely look at the time. I feel a bit weird but I do trust what I've seen. Thank you for giving me the insight to go deeper.

For future with me dealing with karma. How do you know when you've gone deep enough with one issue? For instance... could there be an even deeper layer to this one...Or would it have to be that the original stimulus (like back pain) is gone?