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Hi Etta,

I felt to respond to what you're sharing here since I can relate to the images and feelings you're describing. My sense is that I did give birth and my child was taken away, abducted by beings with a nefarious purpose. I have always been a very anxious, over-protective mother in this lifetime. I feel it goes way back to this traumatic scenario where I couldn't save my baby. I am working with an Openhand coach and hope to open and trust enough to go deeper into my pain and feelings around this. Wishing you well with your deeper explorations. My heart goes out to you.

Open, you mention the way you can discern if one has shifted is by finding the light through the pain. Recently, it felt important that I could feel and see others passing through the doorway from darkness into the light with me. We stood hugging together immersed in the light. Out of respect for the sovereignty of others, it's important for me to respect the free-will of others. I felt some anxiety as to whether I'm trying to foist this on others or whether it's simply a way of seeing thru to the true essence of others. The light in me sees the light in them. Any insights you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

x C.