You’ve touched into something really important, Etta. Connecting the physical sensations with the emotional karmic blockages is a powerful consciousness. Our story, even beyond this lifetime, is reflected in our body, our vehicle of expression. There is profound potential in the embodied presence. It anchors us in the moment and enables the grounded experience. The body is a walking antennae and can be of so much help on the spiritual path!

You expressed trust in what you are feeling and the courage to face the pain, this is really the key. When held with consciousness the pain will eventually subside and the truth about the experience will arise.

You are asking “How will I know I went deep enough with an issue?”. The destination is not a precise point in space, yet you know when you’ve arrived. And when this happens, all may seem exactly as it should be and there will be no need to fix the issue anymore. From that place, you will see your story more clearly and love the world more deeply.

With love.