Wow, yes, it's a big one. The 'mother' and 'father' principles within humanity. Let me ask this question...

    "How can you be The One, or empower your children to be so aswell, if people are subconsciously chained to the fixed relationship of father/mother, son/daughter and all the conditioning that such labels represent?"

Every soul is unique. Every soul can become completely integral and a flowing experience of The One. I witness so much limitation on the spiritual pathway because of these labels and the subconscious conditioning of them. It's like people bind themselves and therefore limit and disempower.

    It means you can't be authentic, you can't be real. Your actions are bound and submerged in perceived obligation or responsibility. I witness so many parents emotionally carrying the burden of their children's path, when it is only they who can walk it. And paradoxically, trying to carry that burden risks sabotaging the child's progress, because they are limited by the sense of constraint and (often) fear.

Maybe we can reflect on the fact that this density is one of the few places in the cosmos where souls are 'born' from another. In higher densities they are not. A soul is a child of the universe, and creates its own 'energy vehicle'. Whilst there may be 'special relating experiences' between particular souls - like soul families for example - there certainly are no mothers/fathers or off-spring.

Of course letting go of these labels doesn't at all have to mean we're letting go of the compassion we might feel for other souls, and providing support whilst they grow, especially if they're particularly close...

    But one of the most disempowering phenomena I've witnessed here in society is where people believe they have to act a certain way because they are mother/father. Or else children are conditioned to have to behave a certain way. No wonder there's so much rebellion when they get into teenage years.

We need some courage,
to let go of the labels
and just explore how we each feel to be,
not bounded, not limited by definition,
simply free to be, and to come from that place, in truth.
And this is the greatest gift we can ever give to another.
That will be the most priceless 'education'.



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