Hi Open,
Your post provoked more thought and I would like to share what came through for me:

The greatest gift we can give to others is to set ourselves free. Literally. Yes. When we step beyond the artificially conjured limitations of labels, something magical happens. We energetically let others know that it is ok to be themselves and unwind the limitations. In my perception, the further we step away from the role expectations, the further this freedom consciousness will ripple through the field.

Many believe that to let go of a label means becoming the opposite of what it signifies. For example, if the "mother' label means being caring and nurturing by behaving certain way, breaking free from this would mean ceasing that behaviour and becoming uncaring and selfish. It is still a limited perception. We are still playing with the same set of blocks.

The questions I keep asking myself are: What do the "shoulds" and expectations (also of others) are doing to your energy? How is this working for you? Are you feeling stuck in your current role? It is truly awesome if you do, because it means you already know something is wrong with this picture.

The society sneaks many behavioural blueprints into our being since we are born. All this is constantly reinforced by the media, other people, advertisements and it puts us in a virtual, make-believe box. The moment you realize there is a box or there is more beyond, you have awakened. Now, the journey is about peeling off the labels, letting go of beliefs, perhaps finding out that there has never even been a box?