Hi M.

My letting go of the "mother" role has been a gradual one, particularly over this past year, rather than a quick letting go as you experienced in your meditation. What I'm feeling into now and releasing is the ideal kind of mother I had attached to being. Rather, accept myself with all my vulnerabilities and imperfections -- along with my fabulous-ness! :) I've judged myself harshly for perceived failings as a mother, so the outer mirror has reflected this back as an invite to drop the judgment. It's my feeling that women, in general, are insanely pressured in our society to juggle, deliver, and perfect a variety of roles that is simply not humanly possible. Time to let the insanity go!

Marye, I've been there. I reached a point many years ago where I chose to detach from my mother (my father had passed on) and come into myself. My mother placed huge expectations on her children. I took some time away from her and eventually moved across the country with my immediate family for a plum job. I was eventually able to nurture a more respectful, loving relationship before my mother died. However, detaching was a very painful process. To get through it, I used to drive around alone down country roads, music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs, tears streaming down. Wishing you well with this. My heart goes out to you.

Open,you said:

"Maybe we can reflect on the fact that this density is one of the few places in the cosmos where souls are 'born' from another. In higher densities they are not. A soul is a child of the universe, and creates its own 'energy vehicle'. Whilst there may be 'special relating experiences' between particular souls - like soul families for example - there certainly are no mothers/fathers or off-spring."

Those higher densities are my kinda places! Yes, child of the universe! Very inspiring. Thank you.

x C.