There are some excellent viewpoints here - thanks for sharing everyone *OK*

I felt to pick up on one thing you said Marye, because it highlights one of the big challenges with stepping beyond labels within a very conditioned family environment.

You said...

    " Even when I have detached myself from this label quite a bit, they keep on projecting it onto me and I am often finding it hard to know how to respond in way as to shake off the label. Part of the conditioning is that they always know best/better, so as soon as I try to challenge something, they are unlikely to consider my point of view."

We often talk in spiritual circles about the importance of "speaking your truth". Actually I think its a misnomer. We would best be speaking of "expressing your truth". Why's this apparent subtlety important? Because "expressing your truth" doesn't mean you have to speak it.

If you feel you have to speak it all the time, and in a particular group where it is not accepted, then defending your position simply comes across as defensive and the controlling program feels it has won - so it will keep doing the same thing. And inadvertently you play into the program's hands and remain identified with it.

"Expressing" could mean saying nothing but still radiating your knowing through your field and from your eyes... "I hear what you're saying but I don't buy into it, and I don't need to defend myself because I'm coming from a position of strength".

"Expressing" could mean empowering yourself by leaving.

"Expressing" could mean not answering that phone call, email or text.

Essentially you could be saying "accept me as I am, or don't come into my space".

There often comes a point when we're invited to empower ourselves in this way.

It's about finding the Spiritual Samurai in you.

Open *OK*