I've just arrived here and read this thread in one go from Ettas sharing which resonated shadows of intervention - the experience of the mother - to the flip, the experience of the child -shadows of the 'wrong' parents, wishing it could just change, be different.
I'm enmeshed in a story with a currently very, elderly mother and triggered by 'duty', compassion, contraction around loss, meanness - the list could go on.
But a penny just dropped
I know and recognise the intervention experience as a woman. But wow, never previously had I recognised the karma of being one of those children. Of course! Many of us carry that heritage, that teaching too. The time is ripe to unwind that longing.
This week I saw a piece on the internet about a pair of sperm whales found dead on a beach in Germany. Their stomachs were full of plastic and car parts. What sorrow. What shame. And their karma? And them now having served, free, back in the 'only a motion away' space. And a movement in my guts, a longing for the realignment.
But, but, but
Longing. I'm getting something now about longing as another hook. Even when it's for alignment ''tis another trick, and another resistance to the flow
Anyway I'm heading for playing with ideas here. Thank you for the spike you have given me this morning.

I posted this and then had to come back and edit to add this. I closed my eyes and felt into the longing and had a sense of finding myself in the wrong body. A body not my shape, it didn't contain me. It was a new thing then, not like now where I've had this body for so long I've identified only with it and it's taken walking the path to begin to recognise those parts that have been in the blindspot outside this distorted vehicle..
How many of us feel we are not in the right body? I mean not just people on the Openhand site. I mean generally, in maninstream society. It's everywhere right? The sense of knowing is everywhere but the 'knowing' is interrupted, headed off from realisation by the matrix. It's like a Like a safety catch to head off the knowing into to a further distortion.
Like a double locked chastity belt or a fiendish complex Laberynth with double binds and inter reflecting mirrors.
But we are getting there.
It ain't easy but we are getting there.
With thanks to those supporting us here and from the other realms.
Jane x