After reading the recent posts here, I felt to add that as well as letting go of limiting and defined ways of being a "perfect" mother, I am also deep into letting go of expectations of my children. For example, my children have expressed concern about how they would look after their parents as they age and might perhaps need help. Both my husband and I have made it clear that they must follow their own paths with heart and not make any decisions about their parents based on a sense of burdensome obligation. And that if it occurs down the road that we do need some care, we will look to paid professionals, not our children. This is hard for them to come to terms with. They are subjected to so much programming around looking after aging parents. In all of this, I am emphasizing that it's best to stay present to the Now and not get lost in future worries that may never occur.

I've become aware that I have held certain expectations about how my children should behave and perceive me as their mother. And when that hasn't happened, it has caused me pain. So part of my letting go is to accept whatever feelings my children have about anything, including me. Mixed up with all this is the conditioning and programming children and parents are subjected to about how they "should" behave in their roles/labels, which limits authentic expression, as Open points out.

These days, I am refining my communication skills as best as I can to keep soulful, honest exchanges of feelings as compassionate, kind, and as respectful as possible, both ways, me to them, and them to me. Bypassing drama and striking the right note is not always easy by any means! Big sigh here. Being here in 3D is so very humbling. I had a heartfelt exchange with my children recently about seeing each other as souls, not roles, engaged in our own karmic evolutionary journeys. I could feel a shift in energy when I expressed this.

We are all called to keep it real no matter what with as much compassion as possible. Sometimes that means we hurt one another. C'est la vie.

x Cathy