Hi everyone.

What rich explorations in this thread. It's right at the forefront of my own explorations at the moment. I have two young-uns (5 and 2). I have often fallen into the trap of 'acting' the parent. Many of my distortions with parenting have revolved around teaching - showing them their own distortions or more aligned ways of doing things. However, I am now coming to realise that this is just a mirror of my own distortions and that I am projecting.

I am now realising that any form of behavioural teaching is a judgment - it limits the potential for the child to express their soul expression, even if you can see it is distorted in some way (for example harming someone else to get their own way). I am realising that it's so important to come from the energy first, which means honoring both my way of being and theirs. It's amazing how just giving them the space to feel for themselves, they eventually come to their own realisations.

I was surprised by my partner some time ago. She has very little intellectual understanding of spiritual concepts, yet she often shows an innate understanding through her behaviours. I was saying that my daughter is seldom grounded and, how can we bring her back to the moment? She replied that, maybe that is her moment, to be away with the fairies. I thought, yes, it's where she's at.

In terms of the label of being a 'father' or 'mother' I'd like to say that at the moment I have no problem with being the 'daddy' as long as it falls within my own soul frequency. For example if the child wants me to play a game - I would never play that game normally by myself, but I can tap into my own sense of playfulness. If the child needs to feel protected because they are afraid, I will just tap into my own sense of calm and fearlessness. That way I'm not becoming a separate ego identity (the father), but I'm just radiating my own expression.

And, if I don't feel like playing that moment, then perhaps that's what the child needs to hear as well. As long as I express it with compassion, then the child will feel that (thanks Open for that insight).

love to all,