Open, Trinity! Brilliant video! The tightness is the doorway and when we unwind and become as One with it, we step through it, transcend the drama, and become the Cosmic Self, Infinite Potential where anything can happen. This is what the moment is about. Thank you! Yes, feeling this more and more. Agree, Open, it sure does take commitment. I'm keeping on keeping on as best as I can.

I've been sharing Openhand videos and articles on social media for several years since I first began to tune in here in 2013. It warms my heart to see that some of my Facebook Friends now tune into the OH energy. One such friend contacted me today and asked, "Is that you in the video?" She was tickled pink to find out that it is indeed moi. "Open is making you famous!" she exclaimed. I replied that I don't expect to hear from Hollywood anytime soon haha!

So fun and totally heartwarming to see familiar Cosmic Kids in the video. We've got the moves like Jagger! :)

"Socrates: Where are you?

Dan Millman: Here.

Socrates: What time is it?

Dan Millman: Now.

Socrates: What are you?

Dan Millman: This moment."

~Peaceful Warrior

Lotsa Love,