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Hi Clance - greetings and welcome to Openhand. *OK*

I remember on a course once someone asked me about dealing with negative entities (what you might call 'aliens'). They asked if I could calm their worries. "Yes of course", I responded..."they're everywhere!"

The point is that people in society generally don't experience them because they've been conditioned not to. It's actually a part of the Homo Sapiens condition.

    The human brain is being bombarded with over 4 billion bits of information about reality every second - and this is merely from the physical realm. Yet the average person can only process a mere microcosym of this - around 2000 bits of information. To deal with overload, any information that the person doesn't recognise in their expected reality is simply ditched.

    It's like when Columbus sailed to America, the indigenous tribe couldn't actually see the arriving boats, because they had no frame of reference for them. It was only when one of the elders focussed on the wake that the boats were creating, that he became able to see the boats and then help others see them too. It's very similar for entities - you first become aware by the interference they generate.

So when people truly wake up and expand into the field, they will increasingly get a sense that it is quite vastly populated - particularly here and now on Earth. Although initially they may only pick up senses and subtle feelings.

So how do you deal with this interference?

It's all about walking the path of soul integration, which ejects anything that doesn't belong. But where there's any degree of unconsciousness (which is generally huge for humanity), those blind spots will draw in this parasitic energy. Actually when we accept it, it can actually help by pointing toward the unconscious places - "your pain is the place where the light enters".

Above all, it is vitally important to accept the intervention and not try to hide from it - that's not possible anyway whilst there are the blind spots - entities read the field like you would using image intensifiers at night - they see the hot-spots where people emit energy and then latch onto them.

They are particularly attracted to the energy of fear and worry. So if you become afraid of them, that actually attracts them even more strongly.

It's important to accept that they might be there - to become as nothing in the situation - to step through and become The One in it (just as described in the video). Then you have the power to locate the tightness that they're homing in on. Then you can work to let go of the tension - often caused by the perceived need for some kind of outcome in any given situation.

Once this happens, you can infuse soul. This increases the level of personal integrity and begins to push out anything that doesn't belong (at this stage, you could try this meditation here...Releasing Entities Meditation.

My sense is that you may also have a gift as a healer - in this case, that you might be able to remove entities from other people and the field. There are plenty who can. But the first step is to work on yourself. If the other gifts are truly yours, they will develop over time.

I would suggest reading 5GATEWAYS which is full of tools, tips and advice for integrating soul through the journey of daily life.

Wishing you well