You said:It can cause a serious dent in one's trust in the divine. How do you quickly bounce back from such situations?

My answear is don't get back up. Trust is based on a true and false logic.... 1s and 0s

Plus when you put your trust on anything existent then you become needey towards that being or object. And that just creates a bit of irritability in the universe...
You don't wanna be needey towards the divine bruv.

So what more can I say about the 4 strategies;
1) Yea I can not add more regarding "the functioning of the Universe as is"
2) commit with gusto and passion, dedication and flexability,
When carrying out actions; to expend not a pennies worth of energy more than what Nature can spare. Minimizing the energy spent on carrying out actions, like when writing, don't add more than needed
3) Where do you lose the sense of the big, "Cosmic Self" and become the small, victimised identity?
When I think about it. Literally as an action, if I think about that then that is what happens.
4) "show me!" aaa but hold on, I gotta look to see. ¡Por supuesto! I'll look