This afternoon I sat in the sun by the seaside reading Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, "All the Light We Cannot See" -- set in World War II France and Germany amidst the holocaust and the light that transcends the horror. I'm also deeply immersed in Viktor Frankl's inspiring life and book as per my post above. I'm reflecting on all of these threads. When I was kid in my early twenties, my first love was a Jewish boy. We were all set to marry until his mother put a kibosh on it because I was a Shiksa (Gentile) and because I had a physical disability. Throughout my life, I have been strongly drawn to watch any film or documentary on Nazi Germany worth watching. It occurs to me that maybe I have some traumatic karma to process around this historical period and that unraveling it might free my soul majorly. I'm continuing with coaching sessions with my Openhand facilitator and will see what unfolds. Thanks for the opportunity to record my stream of consciousness.