It seems to be the flow is particularly interested in breaking down my mind. Last time i went to travel , i lost my smartphone about at the end of my journey. I was mostly reasoning out the steps prior to that. I see now that it was a part of my mind i lost with the phone. The journey suddenly became more spontaneous ,joyous and seemed to reflect more of me.

The flow is again inviting to travel though for a shorter while. Im tied to obligation and i wish i hadnt. But the pull is generating a lot of doubt and confusion since the mind is unable to make any decision. As Lia said its like asking a computer to cook for us. It goes crazy! Ive changed my plan a couple of times now since it seemed not to work after a lot of careful 'planning'. It also created disappointment because im attached to the outcome. Simple choices becomes difficult and there is less trust in this space. Im taking the mind into stillness with patience which seems to help a lot. If i persist this confusion dissolves naturally and there is more clarity after. More of Openhand philosophy comes into the picture. The flow now seems to reflect right action supported by synchronicity. So in-short confusion doubt and disappointment are actually nice since it makes me less ignorant. But it feels such only after its gone. So i persist!

Kudos Openhanders