I totally resonate with this article but would add that taking a well deserved break to relax and unwind is totally appropriate sometimes especially after an intense setback. Just coming back from La Palma intense retreat and facilitator course, in the plane writing this after chilling out with  a can ice cold bear ... oh Yeah! 

Not sure if this is appropriate to express here, but what the heck!  I think we all went through some intense times during the courses.  Open, I feel like you also deserve a well deserved rest to lay back, harmonize so to feel flow strongly again.  You probably already doing it. I don't think openhand community will fall apart if you hibernate for a bit, it will only gain.  OK... maybe i should stop at this :) Just how i feel and some reflection.

Seashell - the sound of the Ocean is there all the time.

With Love and Support,

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