I know this is not sexy talking about corporate world but that's where I find myself now. Dealing with the corporate world, I find that a lot can be learned about myself, the current situation and the coming Shift. It offers a great mirror to see where I get tight about a particular outcome and how to work through this. Ultimately, it is beyond my control to get a specific outcome. It feels like being in the war zone with blockages and eddy currents - perfect mirror of our 3D reality on Earth. At the same time, I see people holding on to the old ways, being overly protective, creating blockages and it feels like the structure is going to self implode on itself.

I guess i might as enjoy the show being in the front row seat. Plus, in all of this i can still be myself and see where i get tight about the unknown and maybe how i express myself. I do have to be careful not to be too caught up in this as it easily happens for me.   It gets a bit cloudy in the mental plane - a challenging place for me. The only way I can be truly committed to is a flow of my soul and when it comes fully into the view - there is no no stopping Me.