This morning my attention was drawn to ‘come and join me this week in the Netherlands’ on Facebook and I suddenly got this strong pull to last minute sign up for some spiritual workshop, that synchronistically has the following introduction on their website ☺:
“You are on the edge of your greatest breakthrough. This is a time of Awakening! If you are tired of the old you, using old tools and following old patterns please join us to see what is possible!”

It is starting tomorrow morning and therefore I am spending the night at the workshop venue, some conference center somewhere in the middle of the forest. On my way there this evening, after a 1.5 hour train journey, I ended up with the choice of either having to wait for 45 minutes for the next bus or use my fold up bike that I brought along for the last 11 km to the venue. I chose the latter option, but little did I know that after the first km, the next 8km would be an unlit road through the forest. Yet, by the time the street lighting stopped, I didn’t really feel like turning around either, so I continued my journey into the darkness, which became an interesting exploration.

There I was alone in the complete darkness on my little fold-up bike (which looks like a circus bike and requires good balance), whose lights were only faintly lighting up the dashed white line in the middle of the cycle path as my point of reference, which though well asphalted was also full of acorns and autumn leaves that would easily throw the little wheels of my bike out of balance. As soon as I entered the darkness all kind of conditioned programming/tightness around fear started popping up in my mind, ‘are you crazy?’, ‘what if I get a flat tyre halfway?’ ‘what if I crash into an obstacle I can’t see in the dark?’ ‘my mom would be terrified if she would see me here’, ‘what if I get raped?’. etc. etc., yet at the same time I was relaxed and fully surrendered to my journey through the dark. Fully focused, balanced and trusting, I was effortlessly being carried through the darkness without having to put any effort; it literally felt like breaking through the darkness on my bicycle!