Hi Marye - always work to accept that you manifested the situation for a reason - your consciousness created it. The question is why?

These words jumped right out..."being able to sleep in my own bed". What does that mean exactly? I mean besides the obvious. What happens to you when you go to sleep - do you know?

So you don't like the banging. But what if in going to sleep you become so unconscious that other unwanted energies easily invade your space (the banging is metaphoric of what's taking place in the field).

Most people have to sleep because they generally live their lives so out of alignment with their true self, that is builds stress and they have to zone out. Their soul literally vacates the body. Which means all manner of malevolent energies can enter (other synchronicities and metaphors suggest your 'space' is being invaded).

So maybe the banging is teaching you to sleep in a different way. Which is to work more to relax and let go, but without completely going unconscious and vacating. Maybe that's why you manifested it?

Open *OK*